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Before you decided on African import to or from Dubai, you need to know a few things about the continent.

Africa is next to Asia in terms of size and population. Its population as per 2005 census stands at 922 million and it consists of 53 countries. Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean from the north, northeast, southeast and the west respectively.

Sudan is the largest country of Africa and the smallest is the archipelago Seychelles. The continent of Africa has a fascinating array of flora and fauna. For all your queries and needs regarding your African import you can get in touch with any reputable firm dealing in with the products you are looking for in the country of your choice.

African import historical records state that though the slave trade introduced by the Arabs the Portuguese were the first to establish trade at Elmina along the coast of Ghana in 1482.

During that time apart from slaves the traders traded in commodities such as gold, ivory and spices. If you happen to be new to the import business then getting information about the continent and its trade practices would help, as a first step.

You can also get access to information via the internet throughout the day or night about African products and from us for sending your products to Africa or receiving them in Dubai.

African import can be of products such as African clothing, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, oils, soaps and personal care products. In fact the US happens to be the largest importer of African products.

Your search for authentic African products via the internet can bring you immediate results to begin with, before you make contact with the actual suppliers of the specific products you end up focusing on.

You may also find ethnic and cultural items from beyond Africa too. Many individuals and companies alike are doing great business by importing and selling African products and you too can be one among them.

Your shipments of African products can be booked by us from Africa to any destination of your choice and we will give you information regarding the status of your shipment from time to time. Though African handmade products are difficult to procure yet enterprising entrepreneurs are able to find almost 1500 of such products at a time.

African import shows you the innumerable ways to see your business grow. If you are a wholesale importer then you can get African products at the lowest wholesale prices possible. To replenish your exhausted stocks (once you have sent your shipment) you can order fresh stocks of African products through telephone, fax, e-mail or online order.

Ghana is one of the brightest trading spots after Nigeria. Check out the weather to get a feel for the place!

See the map of Africa below to see how huge it is, and an attractive place for sending or receiving goods from Dubai! Dubai is between Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iran.

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