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Bali is one of Indonesia’s 33 provinces and it is an island that lies between Java and Lombok. Its capital is Denpasar and the population stands at 3,151,000 million (2005 census) with the majority of the population being Hindus.

Majority of the population follow the Balinese Hinduism religion while the rest follow Islam. Apart from Balinese imports you should also know that the Island of Bali is the largest tourist destination of Indonesia and quite popular too. The island is famous for its sea beaches and every year scores of foreign tourist’s stream into here to relish its natural beauty.

Basically Balinese imports are renowned for its highly developed sculpture, painting, leather and metalworks.

Balinese imports are interesting but let's first delve into the geography of this island. The total land area is 5,632 kms and Mount Agung standing at 3,142 meters is its highest point. The main cities of Bali are Singaraja (former colonial capital), Denpasar (its present capital) and Ubud.

Bali’s art market, museums and galleries are the mainstays of its cultural attractions. Almost 280 species of birds can be found in this island and this includes the Bali Starling an endangered bird. Bali was once famous for the Bali tiger which however became extinct in the 1930’s.

The economy of Bali largely depended on agriculture but that was long time ago, almost three decades back and now tourism is the single largest industry which has turned this island into a wealthy region within Indonesia. However agriculture still generates huge employment opportunities for locals with rice cultivation being the main crop.

Bali is also famous for the Arabica coffee, which is a sweet, soft coffee with good consistency. Coming to Balinese imports, the artisans of Bali are known for their batik and ikat cloth/clothing, wooden carvings, stone carvings and silverware.

Balinese imports deals with those Balinese artisans making handcrafted products like egg paintings, traditional Bali umbrellas, lampshades, coin statues, Bali handicrafts, Bali beads, silver beads, glass beads, wooden carvings, stone carvings, Bali bags, leather bags, beaded bags, rattan bags, shoes, sandal, beaded shoes, garden pots, incense sticks, silver jewelry, shell jewelry, kites, ceramic, hats, coconut wood and many more.

Here is some interesting information regarding Bali egg painting. These are divided into four categories- Duck egg painting, Goose egg painting, Cassowary egg painting and Ostrich egg painting. The theme of painting ranges from both traditional and non-traditional Balinese painting styles. Flora and fauna scenes along with other attractive motifs are extensively applied. Balinese products are very unique and you would not find them anywhere except in Bali.

You can also find many other items of your choice and some may really interest you. Once you decide on the products you wish to import you have to place an order with the manufacturer and it takes a day or two on their part to pack your shipment. If you are not satisfied with the products that you come across then you can e-mail the concerned manufacturer to get what exactly you are looking for.

The weather in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia, is moderate and facilitates getaways!

Below is a map of Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia is very large and to get a feel for your location zoom in or out. A special place for imports of various products including painting, leather works and sculpture.

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