Dockside Imports & Exports Via Dubai To Iran Is Easiest To Do

In Dubai, dockside imports and exports to Iran and neighboring countries take place via dhows on the creek, or by regular container loads.

It may sound uncommon but people in international trade know it very well. When we think of a dock and what do we think of? Longshoremen and unions. Massive activity. Heavy cranes. Containers. And of course all of it is true.

Technically, the area either between two piers or alongside a pier is usually referred to as a dock. Piers are platforms supported by piles which are built out from the shore into the water.

The area between two piers is known as a dock and the activities carried out in this area are commonly referred to as dockside activities. These activities are mainly recreational or dockside imports and exports of goods.

So dockside imports centers on products that are brought to docks for trading purposes. And goods exported to Dubai go to Iran both via the creek docks as well as by regular container loads, in large numbers, every day and night.

There are different types of docks such as marina docks, boat docks and floating docks which are made of either aluminum or wooden frames. Docks meant for recreational activities include swim floats and fishing piers. There is another type of dock known as maritime dock which is used for boarding or off-loading commercial ships and ferries and for building or repairing ships.

Generally, dockside imports are mainly conducted from countries having major seaports. Countries like USA, Japan, China, UK, Dubai, UAE and even India have many seaports and different types of products are transported worldwide through the sea route. And Dubai's proximity to Iran makes it the ideal transit point for goods flowing into that country.

Dockside imports from China include coal, iron ore, crude oil, mercury, tin, tungsten, antimony, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminum, lead, zinc and uranium. These are mainly shipped to the rapidly industrializing countries around Dubai, UAE.

Other Chinese products that are frequently imported into Dubai for dockside exports to Iran are electronics, machinery, apparel, optical and photographic products, medical equipments and furniture, agriculture and food items.

Essential items flowing into Iran by way of dhows, also include tools, lights and lighting equipments, office stationary, sporting goods, toys, electrical goods, accessories, health care products, security and protection equipment, textile, building construction equipments, arts and crafts, footwear, hardware and furniture.

Japan also has a major seaport and Japanese products like motor vehicles, electronic equipments, machinery tools, steel, non-ferrous metals, ships, chemicals, textiles and processed foods are shipped to many countries of the world.

The main markets of Japan are the United States of America, the European Union, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the other emirates in the UAE, Australia and Indonesia. Japan imports military apparel and precious metals from the US.

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