How To Import From China And Compete Effectively

How to import from China? It is really easy. The suppliers are cooperative and flexible. And mostly upfront. And you will save on taxes and generate profits if you ship via Dubai

China or the People’s Republic of China has a total area of 9,596,960 sq kms. The capital is Beijing and the official population is around 1.3 billion [2007E] making China the most populous country in the world. China consists of plains, deltas, mountains, high plateaus and deserts.

Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongquin, Harbin and Chengdu are the prominent cities. Yiwu is very popular for importers of sundry items by the container loads.

China produces everything! Products like electronics, machinery, mineral fuel and oil, chemicals and plastics have made it famous in the business world. Before getting to know how to import from China it would be better to have some basic idea about the economy of the country.

It has abundant natural resources like coal, iron ore, crude oil, mercury, tin, tungsten, antimony, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminium, lead, zinc, uranium etc. China also happens to be one of the largest producers of agricultural products like rice, wheat, potatoes, corn, peanuts, tea, millet and barley, commercial crops such as cotton, other fibers, apples, oilseeds etc and a variety of livestock products such as pork and fish.

Being one of the most economical sources of manufactured low and medium tech goods China has emerged as the 'workshop of the world'. Almost all countries in the world import from China. Importing products from China can be a new business opportunity resulting in immediate profit and long term success.

How to import from China used to be a complicated affair in the earlier years but now with the trend of globalization and advances in international trade it has become easy and very feasible.

The first step is to find the products of interest and in this case the internet can be of great help. is a major site that lists out all Chinese sources for most products. By posting the products of interest through the internet one can get all the supply information together with the respective price list.

The next step is to establish links with potential suppliers of products in China narrowing down to the most preferred ones. Prices and subsequent trade relationship can be discussed followed by obtaining product samples and reviews including packaging and instruction details. One may have to pay a nominal fee to obtain all these.

Thereafter shipping and payment terms are negotiated. Landing cost assessment and risk calculation are the two important factors of how to import from China. Many Chinese suppliers will insist on prior payment by bank transfer or a Letter of Credit before the supply is made.

This is safe since most of the reputable suppliers will supply as per the purchase contract. Prices vary with volume of purchase. If in doubt place a trial order. In the purchase order, in addition to a detailed description of the products and trade terms, list all needed shipping documents.

China import compliance issue is the next important aspect of how to import from China. It is important to understand the relevant import compliance regulations in force in your country before one imports products from China. As such selecting and consulting a reputed customs house broker is highly recommended.

Compliance issues on some Chinese products can be complicated, particularly in Chinese textile products.

The next important step is to select a freight forwarder to take care of transportation and customs clearance. That's where we come in, especially if the goods are being imported into Dubai, or being sent out from Dubai.

Some experienced importers even suggest that first timers should place a trial order to check out how to import from China works for them. Prior to shipment of products, their inspection at the factory site by a reputed inspection company eliminates the chances of receiving defective or non-conforming goods and may be worth the money, if the shipments are regular and of significant quantities.

The temperatures in China vary widely since it is a huge country. The current weather in Beijing, the capital of China is given below.

A map of China is given below. It is so large and alien, it is better to have your supplier guide you when you are booking your trip!

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