Import Brokers Are Very Essential To Importers To Facilitate Customs Clearances

Import brokers save you money and time so that you can get on with the job of doing your business!

Brokering is a profession where an individual makes income by acting as a middleman between two principles. In fact a broker is a part and parcel of every business including the import export business.

The person who clears your goods through customs, arranges for transport, completes import formalities on your behalf, and has the goods delivered to you, is an import broker or a customs broker.

In the import export business and in the transportation industry import brokers have achieved a commendable professional recognition. As their job requires them to deliver very high professionalism their earnings are high especially if the shipments are complicated.

Though few people know about this profession yet customs records of some countries have information about the history of an import broker. American customs records states that this profession probably started around of 1700.

Let's see what these import brokers do.

Suppose you are importing a shipment for your office. When your shipment arrives at the port you just cannot collect it and take it to your office because customs will not release your shipment without the necessary documentation.

It is mandatory in the US and around the world, that all shipments have to be cleared by Customs. To get Customs clearance you have to fulfill formalities and this includes a lot of paperwork.

An import broker is apt in this type of work and he can get Customs clearance for his clients without any difficulty. Even Customs authorities advise importers to enlist the services of a customs broker to get their merchandise cleared from the Customs because it is then easier for them to work out the formalities easily.

Here you may ask why only a customs broker and not anyone else can do this job. You see there are numerous forms that you have to fill, to avail of a speedy customs clearance. If you do not have the expertise or the experience it will take many days to get your merchandise cleared.

It is the skill of an import broker that makes customs clearance a cakewalk. He has acquired this skill after spending many months or years at the ports and as such you cannot do what he can do for you.

Import brokers are accustomed to the requirements of customs clearance of imported goods. They know about the existing duty rates, merchandise import eligibility, duty free programs on products and other customs related jargon.

They also act on behalf of their clients and liaison with the customs and relevant government authorities. A seasoned import broker can also render sound advice on future import possibilities to an importer which can give an edge to his business.

From all angles import brokers are indeed an asset for any importer who wants to do hassle-free business with complete peace of mind.

To become an import broker one has to obtain a license issued jointly by the government and customs authorities. To obtain this license, in some countries the applicant has to appear in an exam.

As a career option it is quite promising given the fact that imports always show a rising trend and global trade is on the increase as globalisation takes hold in more countries.

Last updated January 18, 2009

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