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Import to China sometimes sounds like a frivolous comment. China is the largest manufacturer in the world and runs trade surpluses with most countries! You can get containers going to China for a few Dollars only, because many times they just go back empty.

When talking about import to China a mention must be made about the economy of the country and how the trade is carried out in this country. China as we all know is rich in natural resources such as coal, iron ore, crude oil, mercury, tin, tungsten, antimony, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminium, lead, zinc and uranium.

It also has the world’s largest hydro-power potential. China is also one of the largest producers of agricultural products like rice, wheat, potatoes, corn, peanuts, tea, millet and barley. It also produces commercial crops such as cotton, other fibers, apples, oilseeds etc and a variety of livestock products such as pork and fish.

China being the world’s most populous nation is also one of the largest consumers of agricultural products. As such, import to China encompasses those products that are not readily available in the country.

Although only 10% of total land area in China is suitable for cultivation, intensive farming enables the country to produce more crops and livestock than other naturally endowed countries.

It is also a preferred destination for global companies seeking manufacturing facilities which has resulted in increase in income and employment opportunities.

Though China started by being an agriculture based country it has hurled itself into becoming the manufacturer of the world. The different industries that have been established here are mining and ore processing, iron, steel, aluminium, coal, machinery, textile and apparel, armaments, petroleum, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, consumer products that includes footwear, toys and electronics, automobiles and transportation equipments like rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircrafts and telecommunications.

Coming to import to China, in the past few weeks, the Government of China has for the first time, allowed companies to trade in the local currency with companies in Hongkong, with a view to allowing this type of trade also with other neighboring countries in the Asean region in the coming months!

While focusing on import to China the demographics of this country should also be taken into account. China or the People’s Republic of China has a total area of 9,596,960 sq kms with a population of about 1.3 billion. Beijing is its capital and other major cities are Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongquin, Harbin and Chengdu.

It is also interesting to know that its terrain consists of plains, deltas, hills in the east, mountains, high plateaus and deserts in the west.

The internet can be of great help when looking for Chinese opportunities of interest. Prospective importers post products of interest through the internet and get all the supply information together with the respective price list.

They also try to establish links with potential suppliers of products for import to China, narrowing down to the most preferred ones. Prices and subsequent trade relationship can be discussed followed by sending product samples and reviews including packaging and instruction details. Thereafter shipping and payment terms can be negotiated. Landing cost assessment and risk calculation are also to be taken account for import to China.

Last updated January 10, 2009

China is a very big country. The current temperature in Beijing, the capital of China, is below:

See a map of Shanghai, China, below. It is perhaps the first place to visit to get an idea of the power of China.

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