Taiwan Imports Are High Tech! Trade Them Via Dubai To The Highest Growing Markets

Taiwan imports will surprise you. People confuse Taiwan as part of China, but it is not!

Taiwan is also known contentiously as the Republic of China and is located in East Asia. It is actually an island that is 394 kilometers long and 144 kilometers wide. Formosa is the main island, and Taipei the capital of Taiwan, which consists of steep mountains.

Almost the whole of the island is covered with tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. Taiwan follows a capitalist economy unlike the economy of People’s Republic of China, but both are export driven. The government's interference over investment and foreign trade is very minimal and over the years it has decreased further and many industrial firms and large banks which were formerly under government control has been privatized in the last decade.

Taiwan has the world’s fifth largest foreign reserves and Taiwan imports look promising given the fact that it provides the impetus to its rapid industrialization.

The New Taiwan dollar is the official currency of Taiwan and its GDP is at par with the average European Union countries. Most of the industries now in Taiwan are technology and capital intensive though earlier it had many labor intensive industries.

Instead of closing down the labor intensive industries Taiwanese businesses were relocated to offshore manufacturing zones in countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam where Taiwan is a major foreign investor.

Taiwan’s conservative financial approach and entrepreneurial strength drives its economy and these two factors had shielded the country from economic downslides during many world crisis. Small and medium sized businesses rather than large businesses dominate the economy of the country. Bicycle manufacturing, plastics and synthetic fibers, biotechnology and semiconductor device fabrication are the leading technologies of Taiwan imports.

Taiwan is the seventh highest island in the world and most of its population resides in the west of the country. The climate is marine tropical as such the island experiences hot humid weather conditions. Typhoons and earthquakes are common occurrences in the country and Taiwan is also known as a center of bird endemism.

Cane sugar production and camphor oil extraction used to be the major components of Taiwan imports in earlier days but they have declined due to the demand downslide in international markets. Few agricultural based natural resources are included in Taiwan imports. These items fall in the specialty fruits category like banana, guava, lychee, wax apple and high mountain tea.

Coal deposits of the country are quite significant and it is rich in wind energy resources with solar energy being the next potential source of energy. Promotion of renewable energy is one of the topmost priorities of the government of Taiwan.

Taiwan imports mainly deals with oil and gas imports which is required for its transportation and power needs. Present Taiwan is definitely a high-tech country and it is one of the top ten trading partners of the United States of America. Made in Taiwan semiconductors and computer parts are in high demand in the international market. Some of the other Taiwanese commodities that are sought after are telecommunication equipments, automotive parts and accessories, electronic apparatus and parts, advanced manufactured iron and steel, semi-finished iron and steel mill products.

The weather for Taiwan is given below to give you more information on their conditions.

The map of Taiwan and its location east of China gives you an idea of this geographically small nation had a higher GDP than China until a few years ago! You can zoom in or out for details.

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