United States Imports Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Products Annually

From the United States imports to Dubai, can be of semiconductors, aircraft, automotive parts and accessories, new and used passenger cars, industrial machines, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications equipment, organic chemicals, electric goods, computer accessories, plastics and medical equipment.

These products are exported from the United States in tens of billions of dollars.

The country where the Statue of Liberty welcomes immigrants, is known as the United States of America, United States, the U.S, the USA or just America.

USA is a federal constitutional republic having 50 states and a federal district, and lies between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It shares its borders with Canada in the north and Mexico in the west. The capital is Washington DC and New York City is its largest city.

The American economy is the largest national economy of the world. The United States is the leading economic, political and cultural force in the world. As such United States imports hold much importance in the global scenario.

USA is situated in the western hemisphere and experiences all types of climates, ranging from humid continental to humid sub-tropical and from semi-arid to sub-arctic or polar. Extreme weather conditions prevail in many areas. The states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are prone to hurricanes and tornados.

The country has a diverse ecology with 17,000 species of vascular plants and 1800 species of flowering plants. More than 400 mammals, 700 birds, 500 reptiles and amphibians and 90,000 insect species live in the United States. Many of these are exported to other countries; as such information on United States imports about its flora and fauna comes in handy for trade related to this sector.

America has abundant natural resources and is backed up by well developed infrastructure and high productivity. The United States economy is a capitalist mixed economy and it has the largest GDP in the world and is the largest importer of goods and the third largest exporter.

United States imports are mainly with Canada, China, Mexico, Japan and Germany, its trading partners. The bulk of the economy is controlled by the private sector and wholesale and retail trades are the leading business fields.

The country happens to be the third largest producer of oil in the world and but also its largest importer. United States imports particularly encompass electrical and nuclear energy, liquid natural gas, sulfur, phosphates, salt, corn and soybeans.

You should know that United States imports adheres to US import requirements as laid down by the US custom service. The customs automated commercial system not only receives and processes cargo documents but also provides cargo information. This system is very helpful for importers as it reduces cargo clearance time drastically.

All importers are required to get clearance of their goods and it is mandatory in the US to get all merchandise cleared by the customs.

Customs duty is levied on all goods unless exempted by law. Custom clearance of goods intended for import is done through a number of steps such as entry, inspection, appraisement, classification and liquidation.

As per US customs service regulations an importer need not have a license or a permit to import products. However the importer number which is either an IRS business registration number or social security number must be provided to the customs authorities.

Last updated January 12, 2009

The United States is a vast country with 4 time zones. The current temperature in New York City, the financial capital of the country is below:

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