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USA imports shipped via Dubai makes sense if you are selling to Africa, the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

There are many names of United States of America such as the United States, the U.S, the USA or America. It's economy is the largest national economy of the world. The capital is Washington D.C. and New York is the largest city of America. The United States is the leading economic, political and cultural force in the world. As such USA imports hold much importance in the global scenario.

With abundant natural resources, well developed infrastructure and high productivity, the United States economy is a capitalist mixed economy. In fact the country has the largest GDP in the world and is the largest importer of goods and third largest exporter.

As per USA imports, Canada, China, Mexico, Japan and Germany are the top trading partners of America. The bulk of the economy is controlled by the private sector and wholesale and retail trades are the leading business fields. The country happens to be the third largest producer of oil in the world and also its largest importer.

USA imports particularly encompass electrical and nuclear energy, liquid natural gas, sulfur, phosphates, salt, corn and soybeans. The country is the top producer of these products.

Before an import decision is taken it is important to know the -Import prohibitions, Import Restrictions (quotas), Specific Product requirements Country of origin marking requirements. USA imports must adhere to US import requirements as laid down by the US custom service.

There is this customs automated commercial system that not only receives and processes cargo documents but also provides cargo information. This system is very helpful for importers as it reduces cargo clearance time drastically. Importers are required to get clearance of their goods imported and it is mandatory in the US to get all merchandise cleared by the customs.

Customs duty is levied on all goods unless exempted by law. Custom clearance of goods intended for import is done through a number of steps such as entry, inspection, appraisement, classification and liquidation. One good thing about the US customs service is that an importer need not have a license or a permit to import products. However the importer number which is either an IRS business registration number or social security number must be provided to the customs authorities.

U.S. import procedures must be followed strictly for entering the products into the U.S. Import procedures involve primarily the classification of imported products, the valuation of imported products and the preparation of the required documentation for imported products.

The classification of imported products is the procedure that is used to assign an imported product a harmonized code number for duty determination purposes. The United States, like most other countries in the world, subscribes to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) to classify products for import and export purposes. The valuation of imported products is the procedure that is used to assign an imported product a U.S. dollar value for duty determination purposes.

An imported item's transaction value (entry value) is based on the FAS (INCOTERMS 1990) value of the imported product plus various add-ons, such as royalties, license fees, freight and the cost of assists. Preparation of the required import documentation must be completed by the U.S. importer (or his duly appointed agent) before usa import transaction takes place.

As the country is situated in the western hemisphere it includes all climate types. Its climate ranges from humid continental to humid sub-tropical and from semi-arid to sub-arctic or polar. Extreme weather conditions prevail in many areas particularly the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico which are prone to hurricanes and tornados.

The country’s ecology is diverse with 17,000 species of vascular plants and 1800 species of flowering plants. More than 400 mammals, 700 birds, 500 reptiles and amphibians and 90,000 insect species live in the United States.

This information is general background to give you a feel for this vast country, and to give you a feel for it before you go in for USA imports.

The weather in the USA is varied from the east to the west - from the north to the south. Below is the weather of Washington DC, it's Capital.

See the map of USA below. This is the 2nd largest country in world! We can collect your shipments to or from Dubai from anywhere in the US!

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