Used Japanese Car Imports Via Dubai & Tap 1.8 Bn Consumers In Neighboring Countries

Used Japanese car imports into the United Arab Emirates, be it Dubai or any other city, are re-exported mainly to Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Algeria...

Japanese cars are popular the world over because of their fuel efficiency and resale value. There are millions of owners of second hand Japanese cars of different brands in many countries. Here is some background about used Japanese car imports to facilitate importing such a car from Japan.

First it is important to determine a car model that is in good condition. Once the specifics about the model and the brand you would like to import is gathered, the next step would be to know about the import requirements.

Second hand Japanese car models are advertised on the internet. As these are available online used Japanese car imports becomes more convenient.

The next step would be to place a formal purchase offer to the respective exporter. This can be done by securing a pro-forma invoice. The pro-forma invoice is sent to the prospective customer directly by the exporter through fax on request.

This invoice has to be filled up and signed by the customer and sent back to the exporter. This serves as a document of agreement between the customer and the exporter relating to the purchase transaction where the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions as printed in the invoice.

Used Japanese car imports payments can be done online or electronically. You can send the payment through wire transfer or bank transaction and it takes a few days or weeks for the shipment to reach your destination due to processing and facilitation.

When the shipment arrives the respective customer can enlist the services of a shipping agent to handle custom clearance. Customs clearance means that a customer has to pay import duty tariffs, value added tax, customs levies, agent charges and registration payments levied on the shipment.

These are the primary requirements that are required for used Japanese car imports. The total cost of a used Japanese car may thus increase because of these taxes.

One can also buy second hand Japanese cars from online auctions conducted by private sellers, car yards or the various government agencies. A wide selections of used cars are available in such online auctions and if you are lucky you may also get some of the latest models.

Used Japanese car imports can be comparatively cheaper than purchasing one from a local dealer. You can save a few thousand dollars when importing a second hand car from Japan. Many of these car auctions display popular models of Japanese cars that you won’t find it elsewhere.

There are many car importers who import second hand Japanese cars to resell it for a handsome profit. The profit margin is good because such importers do not import just one car but many cars at a time and get better freight rates.

Japanese used car agents help prospective customers to import cars from Japan. Some customers find it a bit overwhelming to import cars all by themselves. These guides help by procuring cars for their clients and also by handling customs and registration requirements.

Last updated January 8, 2009

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